Ticket Types

Guide to Ticket Types for HiEvents

Ticket Types

Hi.Events offers various ticket types to suit different event needs. Understanding these types and their ideal use cases will help you choose the right ticketing strategy for your event.

1. Donation / Pay what you want Tickets

Description: Donation tickets allow attendees to contribute an amount of their choosing to support the event or cause.

When to Use:

  • Fundraising events
  • Charity galas
  • Community support events

Example: A local non-profit organization hosts a charity gala to raise funds for community projects. Attendees can donate any amount when purchasing their tickets.

2. Paid Tickets

Description: Paid tickets require attendees to pay a fixed price to attend the event.

When to Use:

  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Workshops

Example: A popular band organizes a concert with a fixed ticket price of $50. Attendees must purchase these tickets to gain entry to the concert.

3. Free Tickets

Description: Free tickets are provided at no cost to attendees, often used to manage capacity and gather attendee information.

When to Use:

  • Community gatherings
  • Public lectures
  • Open houses

Example: A local library hosts an open house event. Tickets are free, but attendees must register to ensure the library can accommodate everyone.

4. Tiered Tickets

Description: Tiered tickets offer different levels of access or benefits, often at varying price points.

When to Use:

  • VIP experiences
  • Multi-day festivals
  • Premium seating events

Example: A tech conference offers three tiers of tickets: General Admission ($100), VIP ($200) with access to exclusive sessions, and All-Access ($300) which includes all VIP benefits plus a special networking dinner with speakers.


Choosing the right ticket type is essential for a successful event. By understanding the different options—donation, paid, free, and tiered—you can better tailor your event to meet your goals and provide the best experience for your attendees.